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Screening, shortlisting and employing the correct people is vital for your company's growth and flourishing. Cultural fit is just as important as technical fit, and finding a candidate that encompasses both attributes is imperative. We work with managers to establish job adverts, and post them on the most industry relevant job sites in order to seek the cream of the crop in the job market.We thereafter sift out the best candidates using behavioural interviewing techniques and competency questions in order to hire right people for your company.





First impressions are lasting impressions, and this is especially true when new employees join a company. Giving new employees a warm welcome which includes tools to help them navigate through the company is essential for faster and easier integration into any new environment. We will craft an all encompassing on-boarding procedure for new joiners which make the job of managers simpler, whilst still ensuring that all important information of the employee is received and all important information is provided to the employee.






Probation periods are important to set standards, manage expectations and to provide extra supervision and mentorship for new and existing employees.A well structured probation period also improves channels of communication between employees and employers.We can assist you in structuring a comprehensive review structure for employees during the first 3 months of employment. The aim is to cultivate new skills and help enable personal and professional growth.








Ensuring that your company has a solid HR legal framework is of great importance to both employee and the employer. An airtight HR framework not only protects the employer, but also plays a significant role in attracting employees to an environment that protects them as well as provides transparency and communication -which promotes trust on both ends. We provide legally binding contracts, non-disclosure agreements and well as tailored policies which is important for general guidance, and setting suitable and consistent work standards.








Following the correct disciplinary action and procedure is important to ensure fair and communicated processes and outcomes. We can ensure that both employee and employer aggravating and mitigating factors are considered, in order to result in an equitable and and fair outcome. Having a third party lead your employee counselling and warning sessions ensures that any feelings of bias are avoided.







Administration is changing shape as we embrace technology advancement. It is important that your company processes are seamless and running smoothly on platforms that keep up to date with the latest trends and tech in the market. In this day and age, it is imperative to automate HR procedures such as employee data bases, leave and asset trackers, recruitment forms, etc. We can help you choose a tool that is aligned with your company's IT structure and migrate your data efficiently, as well as manage on-going processes or train somebody in-house to do it for you.






Performance is a long time quest for HR professionals. We have seen different approaches to performance, from companies that do not believe in performance measuring to companies that measure performance on a weekly basis. In our experience with clients, we have utilised various methods to rate performance, such as, by using job tasks, KPI's, OKR's, rating scales, spider graphs and so on. We will design a unique performance solution that suits your business and ensures efficient management of your staff potential.







We all know the importance of training staff to ensure their personal and professional growth and to ensure the best service possible. The South African legal framework requires  businesses with +20 employeesto register for a Skills Development contribution which is paid via your payroll system. The good news is that you can get some of your company's contribution back through the government’s mandatory grant. We can help you register with your specific industry SETA, and do the annual submission that is required to claim part of your contribution back.







The importance of a company’s health and safety is sometimes undermined, however this is a vital area of your business. We all want to take good care of our employees, and both health and safety forms part of their primary needs, which your HR department should take lead on. If you need assistance to understand the basics and draw a plan for your Health and Safety procedures, do not hesitate to give us a call! The Department of labour suggest all businesses, no matter he size, must undergo this process which becomes  mandatory when your company reaches +50 employees.







It is of paramount importance to consider developing an employment equity plan in the early stages of your business, which becomes imperative once you have been in business for a couple of years. We can help you draft your EE plan, accompany you through the process required by the  Department of Labour and also do the required annual submission.









Having a well trained HR department that is able to use their expertise to handle any employee situation is critically important. an HR department works closely with the most valuable asset in a company: employees! For this reason, members of your HR team need to be trained thoroughly and equipped with the latest skills and knowledge in order to perform their jobs to the highest degree. We can provide training ( to HR staff or any valued staff member that performs HR duties), which include theoretical and practical elements in order to prepare your HR department for any scenario that may arise.

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