An HR Handbook that all SA companies should have



                  Importance of an Employee Handbook        


Essential HR documents, policies and procedures that all South Africans companies must implement.


Now more than ever it has become evident that companies need to have their essential HR legal documents, policies and procedures in place in order to protect themselves and their employees in all circumstances.


Many companies have previously taken the importance of HR essential documents lightly, however the result of neglecting this area of your business may have devastating effects on your company. 


When companies create and successfully implement HR legal documents, policies and procedures automatically transparency and communication throughout the company increases which creates a culture that is open and inclusive. 


We have found a simple and effective solution for companies to implement all essential HR legal documents, policies and procedures in one place - this juicy and insightful document is called the EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK (EH)


The EH is extremely relevant now when companies need to implement remote working policies in a document that is accessible to all employees.


We have found the following benefits of implemented Employee Handbooks:   

  • Gives employees one place to access all HR essential information which can otherwise be scattered and lost  

  • Guides new and existing employees on how to navigate their way through the company 

  • Employees feel a sense of belonging and inclusion

  • It is a live document meaning that the document is not stagnant but evolves as the company does.

  • Eliminates the element of surprise and can be a point of reference for the employee and the employer

  • Promotes transparency throughout the company

  • Supports the contractual agreement and NDA that has already been signed by the employee


Example of what your Employee handbook could include:


*VHRS provide the following comprehensive policies and integrate them with your current policies to create a cohesive and holistic document.


(please note that each handbook will be customized according to the company particulars)



1.1 Welcome

1.2 Who we are

1.3 Mission, vision and values

1.4 Code of conduct

1.5 Personal property

1.6 Dress code

1.7 Substance abuse

1.8 Behaviour at social functions

1.9 Client/Staff member relationships

1.10 Discrimination

1.11 Harassment and bullying policy

1.12 Confidentiality

1.13 Travel reimbursement



2.1 Working hours

2.2 Punctuality and overtime

2.3 Leave policy

2.3.1 Annual leave

2.3.2 Sick leave

2.3.3 Family responsibility leave

2.3.4 Maternity leave

2.3.5 Unpaid leave

2.3.6 General leave procedure

2.3.7 Absenteeism

2.3.8 Desertion procedure

2.3.9 Remote working policy

2.3.10 Retrenchment, redeployment and redundancy



3.1 Disciplinary policy and procedure

3.2 Warnings

3.3 Grievances policy and procedure



4.1 Office telephone and personal mobile phones

4.2 E-mail

4.3 Internet access

4.4 The internet policy

4.5 Screensavers and software installation

4.6 Control and protection of information/equipment

4.7 Monitoring of communications

4.8 Software utilised at Company Name

4.9 Computer policy

4.10 Passwords

4.11 Copyright and network issues

4.12 Stationary

4.13 References and media

4.14 Social media policy



5.1 Access control

5.2 Company property

5.3 Anti-bribery and corruption

5.4 Office security



6.1 Employment equity

6.2 Recruitment and selection

6.3 Probationary period

6.4 Affirmative action

6.5 Talent management

6.6 Compensation


It is important to note that the handbook can only be properly implemented if you have legally binding contracts and NDA’s in place.


Kindly contact us for more  information on how we can create a customized employee handbook for your company (and accompanying contracts and NDA’s if needed).


Let us help you protect your company and employees!




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